Why partecipate?

Why attend the Fairs?

In 2016, the turnover generated by exports amounted to € 417 billion.

For many SMEs, exports are the only way to survive in a historic moment when domestic demand is still unable to return to pre-crisis levels.

And to be able to conclude new contracts and increase exports, trade fairs are the stage to showcase their products.

Every year in Italy around 1000 fairs are held, including regional, national and international fairs.

And it is precisely from the fairs that small and medium-sized enterprises are able to produce more than 50% of total exports: during the events agreements are made with new customers and the turnover is increased.

Unfortunately, not all small and medium-sized enterprises are able to understand the importance of participating in the fairs, despite the presence of calls that finance the participation of companies.

The internationalization of businesses.

The fairs are the place where to expand their knowledge and do networking activities.

The international market is increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses and being able to make itself known by new customers is essential to keep growing.

This is demonstrated by the turnover produced by the fairs: over 60 billion euros.

The international fairs held in Italy attracted a total of 13 million visitors, of which 10% came from abroad.

A number that may seem small, but in reality it is not.

About one and a half million foreign entrepreneurs arrive in Italy to discover the new products made by small and medium-sized Italian companies.

A unique opportunity to be exploited to the fullest.

Source quifinanza.it


Perchè partecipare a WST-SHOW?

Otto motivi per cui vale la pena partecipare...



Because it is an innovative fair in a constantly growing sector.

Seasonal adjustment

Because with tourism and accessible tourism a tourism seasoning is generated, going to cover even months of low turnout. And often the climate factor does not affect the choices of the locality.

Priority sport

Because sport tourism is now the primary reason for choosing a holiday, a destination, an event.

Fearful lovers

Because sport is passion and the profile of the enthusiast is very careful in the choices and is a subject much spending than the average.

The sportsman spends

Because the sports tourist has a greater propensity to spend and his holidays last longer than the national average.

Everyone's needs are reconciled

Because WST-SHOW is the first fair that starts from the needs of the actors, whether they are exhibitors, buyers, press, visitors and institutions and to build them, it builds around the event.

Social duty and economy

Because accessibility is a social duty but also an important economic sector.

Experiential Fair

Because WST-SHOW will be the first "experiential fair" in which every single actor in the project, besides reaching his goal, will have a "story" to share with friends and relatives.
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