Presentation WST Show

WST SHOW is acronym of World Sport TOURISM Show, and it is the First Worldwide Fair of the Sporting and Accessible Tourism.

WST SHOW start from the conviction of the recognition of the crucial role of the sport in the tourism of the future and the possible positive effects on tied up matters to the environment and the local economies.

WST SHOW recognizes that attention to issues related to accessibility is not only a social duty, but also the focus on an important and exponentially growing market segment.

WST SHOW is a link opportunely desired between sport and accessibility, where sports practice often acts as a stimulus and social supplement for people with special needs.

WST SHOW for instance wants to show the positive relationship among sport, accessibility, tourism and environmental guardianship, with the possibilities of retraining offered to the territory, additionally to the opportunities offered in terms of investments and support to the occupation.

WST SHOW believes that the sporting tourism is not only a trend but a serious market with demands and specific opportunity.

WST SHOW aims to bring together the demand and offer of sporting and accessible tourism, making them dialogue both in terms of growth and training, and business development.

WST SHOW is also "accessibly" open to the visitors and to the tourists, for which the sport is reason to organize a trip, thematic on which to make to rotate the destination or, simply, shared passion.

WST SHOW is aimed at a global and transversal public, because both sport and accessibility "speak" a universal language.

Logo W.S.T. Show

WST SHOW sets itself concrete, realistic, credible goals, and above all objectively achievable.

Reach the coverage of the exhibition area thanks to qualified, international, operational and present exhibitors
To correctly convey the contents related to both sporting and accessible tourism thanks to a massive, coherent and professional communication plan
Making the territories and collaborating institutions active part of the organization so that the project grows and is driven by the common desire to present themselves to the world of Sport Tourism as organized, concrete and full of opportunities
Become an event to be scheduled, a must that is repeated every year, expected by operators as tourists
Stimulate the market in "making a system" and creating real information.
Accessibility objective - WST SHOW

Accessibility objective


Objective of W.S.T. Show is also accessibility with a specific address addressed to accessible sports tourism.

- awareness of the importance for social but also economic reasons of an "accessible" territory has been a stimulus to the address of the first edition of the Sport Tourism Fair

- Accessible sport tourism exhibition

- The importance of bringing young people and people with disabilities into sports practice is fundamental in achieving objectives in line with the demand for social equality and equal rights in the various EU axes and directives.

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