PROGRAM of The World Sport Tourism Show 2018




11.00 am: inaugural conference "Wonderful Wonderful Lombardia, the numbers of sport tourism"                                                                     (in collaboration with the Lombardy Region, Sports and Tourism Departments).

12.30 pm "  ribbon-cutting ceremony"

1.00 pm Visit of the Authorities at the Stands

1.00 pm Seller buy Seller

2.30 pm START B2B meetings with ONE2ONE MEETING exhibitors

2.30 pm service meeting for teachers of physical education                                                                                                                                       (organized by the Regional School Office - AT Varese and AT Monza)                               

Debate open to the public "Sport and the web: professionals and students safe from the risks of the network" speakers:

 Dr. Cristina Mastronardi (Psychologist and psychotherapist, works at the Center of Research and Studies in Psychotraumatology of Varese)

Lawyer Lidia Maria Muser (Lawyer of the Court of Varese, expert on the issues of legality and legal consequences in which the minor may incur) (edited by the Regional School Office - AT Varese)

3.00 pm Conference «Lombardy Region: barriers and disability. Projects for a country without architectural barriers»                                    (by Associazione PEBA Onlus, under the patronage of Regione Lombardia).


Hon. Vincenzo Zoccano Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with delegations to Family and Disability

Stefano Bolognini Councilor for Social Housing and Disability Policies of the Lombardy Region

Gianluigi Farioli Councilor for Education and Sport Busto Arsizio

 Daniele Massaro World Champion, PEBA ambassador

Stefano Traldi President WST Show

Andrea Ferretti President of the PEBA Association

Maria Teresa Agati Vice President CSR Assistive Products Confindustria

Hon. Chiara Braga Deputy of the Republic

Giulio Nardone President of the Visual Disability Association

Corrado Valsecchi Councilor of Public Works of Lecco

Manuela Grecchi Vice-Rector of Milan Polytechnic

Sen. Erica Rivolta Senator of the Republic

Dario Lonardoni Councilor for Public Works of Saronno

Andrea Depalo President of Saronno Per Tutti

Ettore Pelucchi Mayor Municipality of Ponte Lambro

Annamaria Agarini AD B-Act

Simone Fanti Corriere della Sera journalist

Modera Barbara Apicella Journalist

During the conference (about 15.30) Daniele Massaro will be awarded with the "Premio Penisola Sorrentina" by Mario Esposito, for his social commitment as ambassador of PEBA Onlus

4.00 pm Presentation «Accessible Tourism. European experiences compared "                                                                                                                             (by the Varese Chamber of Commerce).

4.00 pm Comparison table on sports facilities                                                                                                                                                                            (by Giovanni Di Fiore)

4.30 pm Conference "Sport and Hotels, drivers for real estate investments".

Moderator Laura Dominici, Editor in Chief Travel Guide


Fabio Bandirali, Sportium CEO and Assoimmobiliare Sport Commission President

Giorgio Bianchi, Head Italy, PKF

5.00 pm Convention "Horse, Nature, Territory and Tourism"                                                                                                                                                 (edited by Varese Cavalli). 

5.00 pm Conference «Tennis that pursues the result of being a firm point of reference for all»                                                                                         by Dr. Fulvio Consoli, manager level II F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation)


 Level II manager Fulvio Consoli with a report entitled "LIFE IS NOW!"

 Maestro Nazionale Alberto Bovone with a report entitled "SLIDING DOORS"


 Walter Schmidiger National Technician with report titled "TENNIS IN CARROZZINA IN ITALIA; PROGRAMMING AND PROJECT LINES FOR THE FUTURE First part "

 Gianluca Vignali National Technician with a report entitled "TENNIS IN CARROZZINA IN ITALIA; PROGRAMMING AND PROJECT LINES FOR THE FUTURE Second part "

5.00 pm END B2B meetings with ONE2ONE MEETING exhibitors

Schedule to be defined Conference «Doing a startup in the world of sport / tourism. What is changing? The vision of the operators "                     (by Infront Italy).

Moderate: Francesco Mantegazzini


Vittoria Gozzi (CEO Wylab - Sports startup incubator)

Adriano Bacconi (Head of Digital Sales Infront)

Massimo Ciaglia (CEO Connectia, author of "The Startup Canvas")

Mimmo Mazzella (Founder and CEO of Sport Leaders Forum)

Francesco Anesi (Trentino Sviluppo, Hackathon FIGC organizer 2017) TBC

Timetable to be defined Conference «Innovative Societies of Tourism and Sport: Emerging Opportunities and Trends»                                                      (by Infront Italy).

Moderate: Francesco Mantegazzini


Flavio Tagliabue (CEO Weagoo and Treasurer Tourism Startup Association)

Pasquale Scopelliti - CEO - Snowit

Piercarlo Mansueto - CEO - Sharewood

Lorenzo De Salvo - Head of Sports Area - Musement

Simone Marini - Founder - Sailsquare

Stefano Tambornini (Wylab Operating Director)

9.00 am Opening to the public



9.30 am Seminar "Disseminating the culture of safety and the value of prevention among young people enhancing sport"                                             (by ANMIL Lombardia)

10.00 am START B2B meetings with ONE2ONE MEETING exhibitors

10.00 am Recognized course for journalists «Nutrition and correct integration in sporting practice».

10.30 am Meeting «The sports sector: news and updates                                                                                                                                                                    (by ASI Lombardia).

11.00 am Conference "Reality and the Future: Mobility for disability"                                                                                                                                                 (by LP Tour and Anglat).

11.00 am Conference "Yes .... travel: Inail and SuperAbile Inail tell"                                                                                                                                                                             (by INAIL and SuperAbile).

Speakers: two Inail Social Workers and five Invalid Inail Workers.

12.30 pm Speech «The virtuality continuum» (edited by RETI).


 Lorenzo Beliusse - Marketing Director and Stefano Zaffaroni - Senior Developer, of RETI

2.30 pm Meeting «The sports sector: news and updates                                                                                                                                                            (by ASI Lombardia).

2.30 pm "Sport Therapy" Conference                                                                                                                                                                                                           (by AUsNiguarda)

3.00 pm Meeting "Syracuse, the city for sports tourism and accessible in Sicily".

3.00 pm Conference «Stories and experiences of Sport Tourism»                                                                                                                                                                      (by Confooperative Cultura Turismo Sport).

3.30 pm Round Table "Sport Tourism between Business and Development"                                                                                                                                           (by Federturismo-Csain). See attached poster

Coordinate the works:

Giacomo Crosa, Honorary President of C.S.A.In. and Administrator of C.s.a.In. Events


Marina Lalli, Vice-President of the Tourism Federation Confindustria

Luigi Fortuna, President of C.S.A.In.

Domenico Pellegrino, AIDIT President and BluVacanze CEO

Valeria Ghezzi, President of ANEF - National Association of  Cable Car

Luca Pancalli, President of the Italian Paralympic Committee

Paolo Bellino Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of RCS Sport S.p.A

5.00 pm END B2B meetings with ONE2ONE MEETING exhibitors

8.30pm Presentation of the "Italia Foodball Club" Project.

Schedule to be confirmed Presentation of the project «A special diet that cares and makes me grow»                                                                          (by the University of Pavia)

Time to be confirmed: Presentation of the "Focus on you" Project

Timetable to be confirmed Conference «Accessibility in Sport and Tourism, we really need to talk to each other»                                                                     (by Form42-195).

Speakers: Gabriele Mosca, Laura Mari and Stefano Bertoglio, founders of Form42-195.

To follow, Workshop on "Utilities of" mental maps to facilitate learning and study "                                                                                                     (edited by Form42-195)

Time to be confirmed Presentation «Beyond the limits, wonderfully».

Schedule to be confirmed Conference «The figure of the Talent Scout and the 'Football Observer'                                                                          (edited by Sport Leader Agency)

9.00 am Opening to the public

9.30 am Meeting FISDIR Lombardia (segreteria.

10.00 am Practical Theoretical Training Course in Preventive Sport Diagnostics. Event with credits, paid.                                                                       (edited by Sport Leader Agency).

11.00 am FISDIR swimming sector technical table

11.00 am Debate "Sport and the web: professionals and athletes safe from the risks of the network" speakers:

Dr. Cristina Mastronardi (Psychologist and psychotherapist, works at the Center of Research and Studies in Psychotraumatology of Varese) -

 Lawyer Lidia Maria Muser (Lawyer of the Court of Varese, expert on the issues of legality and legal consequences in which the minor may incur) -

Roberto Bof (Journalist and Blogger) - edited by FISDIR Lombardia

11.00 am Conference «Overview of sports initiatives planned in Lombardy until the end of 2018 and early 2019»                                                                        (by Regione Lombardia).

12.00 am Conference "The recent legislation concerning the regulation of medical activity: the Balduzzi Decree"                                                        (by Sport Leader Agency).

12.00 am Conference "" Mamma mia Diet ", the special diet that helps to grow, care and prolongs life"                                                                                  (by Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn and Paola Palestini - University of Milan Bicocca) with presentation of the book "Mamma mia Diet" and practical demonstration of the diet.

2.30 pm Assembly of Presidents of the CIP Regional Committees and provincial delegates of the North Area

2.30 pm Conference "Sport as a method to tackle youth problems in Milan, Rome and Naples"                                                                                              (by Fondazione Laureus).

 Daria Braga, Director of Laureus Foundation, intervenes

3.00 pm Presentation of the Catholic University for Tourism.

3.00 pm "Sportily Accessible" Technical Conference - Accessibility and usability of sports and tourist facilities "p.i.ed.

Antonello Sferruzza (Regional Referent of the C.I.P. for Sport installations)

arch. Michela Vassena (Technical Consultant of the Lombardy Regional Council of the U.I.C.I. "Italian Union of the Blind and the Visually Impaired Onlus")

arch. Armando De Salvatore (Specialist for accessibility - Disability manager - Councilor Ledha "League for the rights of persons with disabilities")

4.00 pm Presentation "Cicloturismo nel Varesotto: among the mirrors of water, cool woods and spectacular valleys"                                                   (edited by FIAB Varese Ciclocittà).

5.00 pm Conference «SUP & SAIL Ability. Experimental research projects of sup surf and sailing for young people with autism spectrum disorders "(by Archè Società Cooperativa Sociale, Trento).

 Participants are Michele Bertolotti, an expert in autism of Archè,

Chiara Cainelli, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento

17.00 Conference of Sports Law                                                                                                                                                                                                            (by the Sports Law Scientific Center). Moderator Prof. Iudica

18.00 Meeting Sports Agents                                                                                                                                                                                                                (by the Sports Law Scientific Center)

9.00 am Opening to the public

Timetable to be defined Conference «Women's football in Italy: current regulatory situation and prospects for growth».                                          (edited by the Sport Law Scientific Center).


Avv. Edoardo Revello / Dr. Marco Vittorio Tieghi (CSDS - SportsGeneration S.r.l.) - Introduction to the work and presentation of the Sport Law Scientific Center (CSDS)

On. Laura Comi (MEP in the European Parliament - Vice-President of the EPP Group with responsibility for relations with the Americas and China and youth policies) - Gender equality in sport. What future for the law 91/1981?

Avv. Sara Messina (CSDS - Legal Studio Messina)

  1. a) Regulatory framework of the movement in Italy
  2. b) Turnover at international level: the FIFA World Cup Canada 2015 and UEFA Euro Holland 2017 cases

B.C. Milan

The big clubs invest in women's football in Italy - TB

Timetable to be defined Workshop on Fencing                                                                                                                                                                                         (by Mangiarotti Fencing)

11.30 am Conference "The fiscal aspect in the amateur field. Management of ASD, SSD and new regulations for 2019 »                                                                                (edited by Sport Leader Agency)

2.00 pm Presentation "Wheelchair GP, 1st WST SHOW Trophy"                                                                                                                                                          (by Michele Sanguine)

2.30 pm Awards 1st Wheelchair Tennis Tournament WST SHOW

3.00 pm Conference "The Civil Responsibility of the President of an ASD - Differences between ASD and SSD"                                                                    (by Sport Leader Agency)

6.00 pm Wheelchair GP Award, 1st WST SHOW Trophy by Alitalia


Sport Paralimpici

Wheel Chair Gp 1° Trofeo Wst Show

Lezioni di Cavallo

Attività Decathlon

Trofeo Biliardino 11 contro 11

Torneo di Freccette

Salto con l’Asta

Arrampicata Sportiva


Simulatore Moto Gp e F1




Simulatore Volo

Simulatore Rowing



Esibizione Cheer Leaders

Esibizione Droni

Moto Raduno

Raduno auto storiche


1° Torneo di Wheelchair Tennis WST- SHOW c/o Circolo tennis Mondodomani Marnate – (VA)

Prova il tuo Sport (evento multidisciplinare) Busto Arsizio (VA)

3 Ruote in torno al Lago (gara di Handbike) a Varese

La 10 Km del Lago di Varese (VA)

Arrampicata Sportiva a Pero (MI)

Torneo Golf per beneficenza

Manifestazione beach volley

Esibizione sci d’acqua con la presenza di Dani Cassioli, campione mondiale non vedente c/o Centro Federale Sci d’acqua Recetto (NO)


Evento Nature Urbane -  Varese



*Temporaneo - potrebbe subire variazioni

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